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Telefire's TFH-280A is an advanced Analog Addressable Heat Detector that combines two modes of operation, fixed temperature and rate of temperature rise. It is compatible with the ADR-3000 Analog Addressable Control Panel.

The detector contains a powerful microprocessor enabling accurate control of the heat sensing element, signal processing and two-way communication between the detector and the control panel.

The detector contains an alarm LED that has 360° visibility. This LED flickers during normal operation and is on during an alarm.

Soft-set address – the detector’s address is programmed into its memory without the use of mechanical switches or moving parts.

The detector monitors the temperature by using a thermistor that provides an output proportional to the air temperature.

The TFH-280A heat detector can operate in either of two modes that can be configured at the control panel via a menu:

* Fixed temperature mode – the alarm point is selected between 50°C – 90°C in 1°C steps (122°F to 194°F in 1.8°F increments).

* Combined mode – Rate of Temperature Rise and Fixed heat detection. In this mode the alarm threshold for the rate of temperature rise can be set between 7°C /minute and 13°C /minute (12.6°F and 23.4°F) and the fixed temperature threshold is 60°C (140°F).

The ambient temperature, mode of operations, and alarm points can be observed at the control panel using the Monitor Test menu. Refer to the appropriate control panel documentation for details.

The detector is easily identifiable by the letter H (Heat) on the detector cover that is clearly visible to the user.


Telefire's TFH-280F is a conventional heat detector that is available in two models:

* Fixed temperature detector (TFH-280F)

* Combined rate of rise detector and fixed temperature (TFH-280R)

The detection process is fully electronic and does not include moving parts.

The TFH-280F will trigger an alarm when the temperature reaches 65°C (149°F)

The TFH-280R will trigger an alarm when the rate of temperature rise is more than 7°C (12.6°F) per minute or when the temperature reaches 60°C (140°F)

The detector contains an alarm LED that has 360° visibility. This LED is off during normal operation and latches on during an alarm.

Testing the detector can be performed locally by applying a magnet near the LED area (see "Test Procedure" below).

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