ADR-823A ― ООО Системы

ADR-823 Three-Channel Input/Output Module, supervised input and outputs.

The ADR-828 enables activation of 8 unsupervised outputs for auxiliary indications only. It is used for synoptic panels, indication lights, directing signs, relays, etc.

The ADR-823 is a three-channel input/output analog control module that contains two output circuits (NAC – Notification Alarm Circuit) and a single input circuit (IDC – Initiating Device Circuit). This module is intended for use wherever there is a need for multiple output and input modules to carry out supervisory, alarm, and automatic extinguishing functions.

The ADR-823 acts as an interface between an ADR-3000 analog addressable control panel and conventional warning, alarm, and activating devices such as sounders, strobes, automatic extinguishing devices, pressure switches, valves, and flow switches.

The ADR-823 controls two 2-wire output lines. The first, NAC A, is a "reversed polarity" output and activates an additional dry-contact relay. The other, NAC B, is a "level activation" output. Each output has a separate address.

Additionally, the unit includes a two-wire input circuit (IDC) intended for connection to a flow switch or alarm pushbutton as a separate address, or a supervisory pressure switch sharing the same address as NAC A.

The ADR-823 has four configurations that are set by jumpers on the module. The logical properties and number of addresses are selected accordingly.

The ADR-823 communicates and is controlled by the control panel through the SLC circuit and receives 24 Vdc from the control panel or a local addressable power supply such as Telefire's TPS-34A.

The module reports supervision status of the connected loads to the control panel. Load circuit status is reported as open or short circuit.

The ADR-823 occupies one to three consecutive addresses (jumper-setting dependant), the first of which is programmed by the PROG-4000.

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