WA-0104S/WA-0108S Antenna Distribution Systems


The WiNRADiO WA-0104S and WA-0108S Antenna Distribution Units combine low-noise amplifiers and power splitter devices in an optimum combination, particularly suited for VHF and UHF applications where a single antenna needs to be connected to up to 8 receivers. While they are particularly suited for WiNRADiO multichannel receiver systems such as the MS-8118/WSBMultichannel Sonobuoy Telemetry System, these devices can be also used with any third-party receivers and antennas.


 Wide frequency range from 50 MHz to 1.6 GHz
 Inbuilt low-noise preamplifier
 One antenna input, 4 or 8 receiver outputs
 High IP3 amplifier
 High isolation between ports
 Rack mount 2U 19" enclosure
 Custom configurations available

The WA-0104/S system features 4 outputs while the WA-0108/S features 8 outputs. Internally, both products consist of a low-noise preamplifier with a high third-order intercept point, followed by a high-isolation power splitter.

The WA-0104/S and WA-0108/S systems are eminently suitable for government, military, telecommunications and other demanding high-end applications.

Rear Panel

WA-0108/S Rear Panel

The single antenna input and 4 or 8 outputs use N-type connectors located at the rear of the device. The fused mains power socket accommodates standard US and European voltages using a standard IEC computer power cord.

Technical Specifications
Configuration 1 input / 4 outputs (WA-0104/S)
1 input / 8 outputs (WA-0108/S)
RF Connectors N-female
Gain 10 dB @ 100 MHz
6 dB @ 1000 MHz
Noise Figure 1.4 dB @ 100 MHz
2 dB @ 1000 MHz
Frequency range 50 MHz to 1600 MHz
Impedance 50 ohm (input and all outputs)
Max. input level +13 dBm for no damage
Input IP3 +10 dBm
Reverse isolation 50 dB typ.
Input VSWR 1 : 2.0 typ.
Output VSWR 1 : 1.8 typ.
Power 120/240 V AC 15 W
Dimensions Width: 19" rack
Height: 2RU (3.5" = 89 mm)
Depth: 14.4" (365 mm)
Weight 13 lb (6 kg)

Specifications are subject to change without notice due to continuous product development and improvement.


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