Photoelectric Smoke Detectors - 480 Series

Photoelectric Smoke Detectors - 480 Series ― ООО Системы

Telefire's TFO-480A Analog Addressable Photoelectric Smoke Detector is an advanced detector that offers the following advantages:

 It is considered “green” (environment friendly) as it does not contain radioactive materials.

The TFO-480A detector contains a powerful microprocessor that supervises the detector's modules, and performs advanced signal processing that provides fast and reliable fire detection without degradation due to environment and dirt. The detector contains a photoelectric mechanism that included a labyrinth, and infra-red transmitter and receiver that work together to detect light that is reflected from smoke particles in the detector.

The TFO-480A detector excels in sensing smoldering smoke and smoke from burning of various materials.

The TFO-480A's microprocessor offers a high level of noise immunity and interactively performs with the control panel drift compensation in order to overcome environmental changes and dust accumulation in the chamber. Once the detector is no longer able to compensate the control panel will display a trouble signal requesting cleaning. The microprocessor also performs signal processing, enables accurate control of the photoelectric chamber according to parameters set at the control panel, and manages the communication process with the control panel.

A wide, dynamic work range that allows for extended time between cleaning.

The detector contains an alarm LED that has 360° visibility. This LED flickers during normal operation and is latched on during an alarm.

Integral test and diagnostic circuitry allow for low-cost maintenance.

The detector's chamber and labyrinth can be cleaned in the field by authorized individuals.

Soft-set address – the detector’s address is programmed into its memory without using mechanical switches or moving parts.

The smoke detector consists of a vented chamber (labyrinth), an infrared transmitter and a receiver that detects light scattering from the smoke particles in the chamber.

The sensitivity of the detector can be adjusted from the control panel within the range of 0.8% – 2.0%/foot (obscuration) in 0.2% increments. Please refer to the appropriate control panel manual for details.

The detector is easily identifiable by the letter O (Optical) on the detector cover that is clearly visible to the user.

Telefire's TFO-480 is an advanced conventional photoelectric smoke detector.

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