PFSL-G3 Portable Field Strength Logging and Surveillance System


 Easy portability
 Rechargeable battery
 Automated operation
 GPS included
 Wide frequency range
 Signal level or field strength logging
 Signal demodulation and recording
 Low cost

Until recently, the task of mobile field strength logging, monitoring and surveillance typically required several pieces of conventional equipment interconnected into bulky and expensive systems.

WiNRADiO PFSL-G3 system provides an elegant, fully integrated solution, specifically designed for mobile "drive-by" signal coverage measurements, field strength mapping, mobile surveillance and other similar investigative operations.

Portable Field Strength Logging and Surveillance System

The PFSL-G3 system employs an integrated GPS receiver to display and store geographical co-ordinates of the measured signal. The logged data include time, date, latitude, longitude and altitude.

The signal level can be measured in µV, dBm or S-units, and field strength can be displayed in µV/m or dBµV/m. Instantaneous, peak or average values can be shown, calculated over user-definable intervals.

The contents of the logs have a flexible format, defined by the user, making the data easy to import into popular GIS packages for further processing. A provision also exists to specify the antenna factor of calibrated antennas for various frequencies, to achieve accurate measurements of field strength.

This system is enclosed in a ruggedized easily transported enclosure, which contains the control computer, the receiver and rechargeable battery. It can be powered from three sources: Internal rechargeable batteries, a vehicle's 12V DC power outlet or mains power. Leads to connect to mains and the vehicle power outlet are included. The enclosure features dual fans for cooling and built-in fuses protect system components. The GPS, receiver antenna and power connectors are easily accessible.

Sophisticated signal processing, demodulation and recording facilities are included in the comprehensive software package supplied with the system.

The PFSL-G3 system is designed for use by emergency service providers, communications providers, public safety, homeland security, law enforcement and defence authorities.


WiNRADiO G313e or G315e receivers are at the heart of the PFSL-G3 systems, making it possible to achieve the necessary high level of integration. The receivers are designed to operate in the harsh electromagnetic environment existing inside a computer-based system.

PFSL-G3 Receiver Control Software

The PFSL-G3 receiver software contains numerous advanced features such as spectrum analysis (both RF and audio), scanning, many tuning options, memories and a rich on-line help facility:

WR-G315 Front Panel 
PFSL-G315 control panel
PFSL-G3 Logger Control Software

The logger contains antenna factor calibration facilities, GPS display and control panel, signal strength meter with signal or field strength displayed in user-selectable units, and log control.

Signal Strength Logger Display

Technical Specifications

The following specifications refer to the standard PFSL-G3 models. These specifications are to be taken as a guide only as the exact types of the receivers and the computer configuration can all be customized to suit customer specific requirements.

Computer IBM Thinkpad lap-top PC
(Please contact us for specific options available.)
Ordering code
PFSL-G313 0.009 - 30 MHz, based on WR-G313e receiver
PFSL-G313/180 0.009 - 180 MHz, based on WR-G313e receiver with 180 MHz extension
PFSL-G315 0.009 - 1800 MHz, based on WR-G315e receiver
PFSL-G315/3500 0.009 - 3500 MHz, based on WR-G315e receiver with the WR-AMFE-3500 frequency extension
PFSL-G315/8600 0.009 - 8599 MHz, based on WR-G315e receiver with the WR-AMFE-8600 frequency extension
PFSL-G3XX Application-specific customized solutions
Dimensions Shipping size: 560mm x 440mm x 360mm
Net size: 460mm x 330mm x 165mm
Weight Shipping weight: 18kg
Net weight: 11kg

Specifications are subject to change without notice due to continuous product development and improvement.

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