LV510 Middle Range Night Vision Camera


China Sheenrun’s LV mid-distance laser infrared night vision camera has inherited the advantages of other products of our company and can be widely used for mid-long distance stabilized or moving monitoring. The night vision distance could reach 500m. They are small, light and easy to be installed. Having adopted many key technologies owned by our company, they have realized the full time monitoring and are the improved substitute of the traditional infrared ones.

Product Features

Lighting source electric zooming

Adopt thermal imaging and visible light imaging; have the functions of intelligent high-speed pan-tilt and infrared thermal imaging

MQMM Homogenization Technology

Adopts multi quanta array laser coupling and lens wave guide fiber homogenization, avoid laser speckle, illumination become more uniformity.

SSZ Intelligence Simultaneous Zooming Technology

Adopt digital processor, analyse focal length and outside controlling information; lighting spot can be simultaneously zooming or independently adjusted; simultaneous pre-setting bits about pan-tilt, lens zooming and lighting spot.

Illuminator Protecting Technology

Special laser power circuit, slowly power supply, effectively avoid power peak and prolong the lifetime of illuminator

AR Coating

Adopt imaging lens and laser lens; many AR coating; high penetrating rate at 85%

IDE Image Dynamic Enhancement Technology

Adopt Image Dynamic Enhancement Technology; DNR technology to avoid noise; the image becomes much clearer.

MMA Adjusting Aiming Technology

Adopt high precision adjusting aiming technology; easy to maintain

Image Menu Adjusting

According to different environment and aim, the image menu can be adjusted to the best effect; no need to remove cover

Other Special Functions

Pre-setting bits; scanning; automatic cruising; keep watching function.


No red glow; anti-explosion; automatic focus.

Technical Indicators

Effect distance

500M at night, 1000M at daytime

Infrared Camera

1. Power: 4W; 
2. wave length: 810nm; 
3. illuminating angle: 1~17°; continuous changing; 
4. light uniformity: MQMM fiber mixed model

Laser lens

1. 20mm laser telephoto lens
2. F 2.0,

Laser power

1. Two circuits drive; 
2. stable voltage and stable current; 
3. power on for 1s;

Imaging components

1. 1/2''infrared enhancement CCD;
2. Integrated ICR double filters switch day and night; color/black white/automatic/outside control adjustable
3. pixel:752X582 
4. resolution: 540 TV lines Day Mode, 600 TV lines Night Mode; illumination: 0.02lux (color), 0.0009lux (black white)

Imaging Lens

1. Focal length: 11~200mm, 18X; 
2. image plane: 1/2'';
3. F: 1.9~360; 
4. FOV: 32.1~1.9°

Intelligent simultaneously control

SSZ intelligent control
independent adjusting laser illuminator

Axis adjusting structure

1. Adjust: MMA Outside, presetting windows,
2. Precision: 0.02°


1. high precision aluminum alloy shell, 
2. window glass: microlite optical glass, 
3. multilayer AR film; 
4. PTA dope;
5. IP66

Power supply AC220V±10%
Consumption weight

1. Total power consumptionl: 50W; 
2. weight (including pantilt): 18.5kg


1. Control: RS485 Controlling signal 
2. Power supply: AC220V
3. BNC video output

Environmental indicator

1. Working temperature: -25℃~+55℃; 
2. Storage temperature: -40℃~+65℃; 
3. Humidity: <90%
4. Anti-vibration: 15m/s2 5~200Hz; 
5. Anti-impact: 150m/s2 11ms; 
6. Anti- saltfog: continuously spraying for 48hours under PH of 6.5~7.2

Pantilt decoder

1. Load weight: 17kg.
2. rotate 355° horizontally, up and down vertically +10°~-60°; 
3. speed: 9°/s horizontally; 4°/s vertically;
4. 50 presetting bits, 
5. 1 tracking paths; 
6. IP66
7. PELCO D、P , AD, YAAN protocol; baud rate optional;

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