HTIR210R Long Range Thermal Camera


Main Features 
● 20~200mm 10x continuous zoom lens
● 17μm 640x512 high resolution Vox thermal sensor
● NETD50mk, 25hz
● Has Image Denoising and DDE functions, can output hot black/hot white/palette colors
● Low power consumption, quick start and stable performance
● Standard RS485 analog signal
● High aluminum alloy shell with nitrogen inside, can work in harsh environment

Technical Indicators
Effecting Distance Objects People (1.8mx0.5m) Vehicle (2.3mx2.3m)
Detect distance 5600m 16000m
Recognize distance 1400m 4000m
Identification distance 700m 2000m
Infrared Lens Focal length 20~200mm 10x continuous zoom
FOV 3.1°×2.5°~30.4°×24.6°
F value 1.2
Lens control electric zoom and focus (auto focus is optional)
Thermal Sensor Sensor type Vox thermal sensor
Pixel 640x512
Spectrum 8~14μm
NETD ≤50mK
Frame 25hz
Non-uniformity correction manual/auto/background correction
Image process DDE, palette colors
Video output PAL/NTSC
Interface Power interface DC12V
Other interface RS485, BNC video output
Environmental indicators Operation temperature -25℃~+55℃
Storage temperature -40℃~+65℃
International protection IP66
Anti-vibration 10~55Hz, 0.75mm
Anti-impact 150m/s², 11ms
Thunder proof 2000V
Power Adapter Power supply DC12V
power consumption ≤15W
Others Weight ≤10Kg
Size 540mm×300mm×217mm (LxWxH, including shield)


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