Digital-addressable fire control panel at 2 loops, 254 points and 126 graphical indipendent zones; dual 16-bit CPU with mutual supervision; 4 point addressing modes (installation, activation, serial number and pre-set address) by control panel and/or programmer/loop analyzer (EX-MPU) and hand-held (EX-PR). 128x64 pixel graphical dispaly with backlight. Non volatile memory up to 999 events (date, time, event type). 1 USB device opto-isolated output, predispsition for 1 opto-isolated RS232 serial output or RS485 for network connection, predisposition for 1 opto-isolated RS232 or USB device serial output for smoke detectors maintenance, 1 PS/2 external PC keyboard connection for fast programming, 1 supervised alarm output at 315mA, 1 supervised fault output at 315mA, 2 relay outputs with 3 contacts (C, NC, NO), 4 Open Collector outputs at 120mA, 1 fixed 24Vdc output at 315mA.

Software for configuration and FDPNet connection (graphical maps license not included: please see EX-SGR): RS485 and Ethernet or mixed network; up to 64 addresses for managament up to 30.000 addressed points.
Metal box for 2 batteries at 12V/7Ah (not included). Size 410 x 510 x 85mm. EN54-2, -4 CPD/CPR.

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