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  • Digital doorphone CD-2502 is designed for residential buildings with one entry staircases, tenement houses, single-family housing, etc.
  • Doorphone may work in the multi entry system with one main entrance (e.g. gate in the fence) and up to 64 subordinate entrances (one entry staircases in blocks of flats, tenement houses, etc.).
  • Doorphone operates from 1 to 255 uniphones or monitors in each staircase.
  • Max. distance between an electronic cassette and an outdoor panel is 30m.
  • Max. distance between an electronic cassette and a uniphone (monitor) is 150m. Distance may be longer when cables with higher cross section are.
  • Check configuration of digital doorphone CD-2502.

Features of digital doorphone CD-2502.

  • Digital doorphone CD-2502 is available in audio and video version.
  • Outdoor panels are adjusted to have installed a camera module, thanks to which doorphone in audio version may be transformed into video version. The exception is panels with a miniature list of tenants and ones that have no possibility to install the camera module.
  • Camera module enables to adjust the field of camera vision.
  • A keyboard in outdoor panels serves as a combination lock.
  • Doorphone operates an electronic key reader (touch iButton and proximity RFID keys).
  • An optical keyboard is used in outdoor panels.
  • Stainless steel panels or panels made of galvanized sheet painted with powder coating are used in digital doorphone CD-2502.
  • An electronic installation used in doorphone is characterized by small amount of cables – in audio version uniphones are connected by two wires, the video version uses UTP twisted-pair cable Category 5.
  • Symmetric transmission of video signal ensures excellent image.
  • Wide selection of outdoor panels, uniphones and monitors.
  • An additional camera or a storied panel may be connected to monitors, thanks to which residents may watch image from the camera installed in front of entrance to apartment or car park in front of the building on the monitor screen.
  • One type of electronic cassette with defined purpose (main/subordinate entrance service) is used in the doorphone.
  • Different modes of apartment numbering.
  • Wide possibilities of configuration of doorphone parameters.
  • Installation procedure.
  • User menu enables to regulate length, volume and tone of calling.

Compatibility with older models

An electronic cassette EC-2502AR is compatible with older models, which were used in digital doorphones produced by Laskomex. CD-3000 doorphone is an exception.

Cooperation with CD-3100 doorphone

CD-2502 and CD-3100 doorphones have different applications, however, they have been designed to complement each other. Using unique features of each doorphone, one may optimally select doorphone elements to their specific needs. 

For instance, in the fenced property with two gates in the fence and four staircases, digital doorphone CD-3100 should be used to operate the gates as it enables to connect several panels in one electronic cassette as well as a long distance between the outdoor panel and the electronic cassette. Digital doorphones CD-2502, which are configured to operate subordinate entrance, should be installed in staircases.

Elements to digital doorphone CD-2502

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