Conventional Fire Alarm& Extinguishing Control Panel TSA-1000X

Conventional Fire Alarm& Extinguishing Control Panel TSA-1000X ― ООО Системы

The TSA-1000X Electrical Automatic Control and Delay Device is designed in accordance with EN 54-2; EN 54-4; and EN 12094-1 Standards.

The TSA 1000X is a combined conventional (i.e. Non Addressable) Fire Alarm Control Panel and an Extinguishing Control and Delay Service.

It supports one flooding zone and four inputs, of which three are detector zones and one input is a programmable Detector/MCP/Auxiliary input. All four inputs can contribute to the extinguishing decision group (referred to in this manual also as the decision matrix).

The TSA-1000X has an internal and integral Power Supply/Charger, the PS_40W, designed and certified to EN 54-4.

In addition to being a Gas Extinguishing system, the TSA-1000X, due to its flexibility and optional features, can also control other extinguishing systems, such as water and aerosol systems.

Using Telefire's proprietary adapters, the extinguisher output can drive different extinguishing devices, such as solenoids, GCA, Detonators, etc.

Most inputs and outputs of the TSA-1000X are pre assigned and fixed function, and it is shipped with a default configuration and parameters. However, Input  No. 4 of the Main Board, output 4 of the Main Board and relay 6 of the EM083 expansion board can be programmed, and the ECD can be configured to adapt to different extinguisher systems and sites requirements (Using Telefire's proprietary adapters).

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