Conventional dual-zone fire alarm system TSA-200

Conventional dual-zone fire alarm system TSA-200 ― ООО Системы

The TSA-200 which is manufactured by Telefire is a dual-zone conventional fire alarm control panelfor fire detection and automatic extinguishing. The TSA-200 is designed to meet the requirements of the Israeli standard – 1220 part 2, the UL 864 ninth edition standard and the European EN-54 standard.

The control panels contains two detection zones, alarm sounders output, alarm and trouble dialers outputs, alarm relay, trouble relay and a separate auxiliary output for each detection zone.

By adding the optional extinguishing module, this fire alarm system includes an extinguishing output that’s operates as double knock or activated per single zone – field programmable. In edition the module contains evacuation output, pressure switch input, manual release input and abort switch input which comply to the requirements of the Israeli and the American UL 864 standards.

All the input and output lines are supervised and monitored for the proper functions including current management, short circuit protection, power supply and battery charger supervision etc.

The TSA-200 fire alarm control panel contains a clear and detailed display based on LED signaling lamps dedicated for each function separately. Any event including fire alarm or system failure will be displayed in full details allowing easy and quick troubleshooting to the users at any level.

The TSA-200 enables on site programming including extinguisher activations, delays and other operation modes.

In addition to the all mandatory requirements this fire alarm system contains a maintenance alarm feature for the detection zones that annunciate a trouble condition in the event of contaminated detector, even it is a conventional detector as long it is Telefire's photoelectric detectors. This feature is usually accomplished in the larger and expensive analog addressable systems.  

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