Client/Server Option for WiNRADiO Receivers

Client/Server Option for WiNRADiO Receivers ― ООО Системы
Most WiNRADiO receivers can be controlled remotely via a LAN or WAN (including the Internet) using special WiNRADiO software known as the Client/Server Option (CSO).

Client/Server System

The receiver is is physically connected to the Server computer, while the user can control the receiver via another computer on the network, the Client, which can be located thousands of miles away.

The Client/Server Option contains two different software packages which the user is prompted to select at the installation time, depending on whether that particular computer is intended to be the Server or the Client.

The standard receiver application software (as normally supplied with the WiNRADiO receiver) needs to be installed on both machines before the Client/Server Option can be installed.

 CSO for WR-G313 and WR-G315 series
 CSO for WR-1000/1500, 3000 and 8000 series

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