Aspiration Detector - Senator 100


Aspirating smoke detection is a method of smoke detection, whereby a sample of air is continuously drawn from the protected area through a network of sampling pipes, and passed through a laser detection chamber.


The Senator 100 is an aspiration detector manufactures by Kidde. The senator has some key features:


Ultra small and affordable aspirating smoke detector for easy and discreet installation.

Dual sampling pipe (2 x 50m).

10 Sample points per pipe.

Built-in Status LED’s

Rugged Steel Enclosure

Docking station equipped to facilitate simple installation and removal.


Earliest Detection to Enable Business Continuity

where Critical processes that cannot incur any business disruption:


Telecommunications facilities

Computer rooms

Banking operations

Production facilities

Internet Service Providers


Extra Time is Required for Controlled Evacuation

in Environments where rapid exit can be impeded:


Underground Stations


Public buildings



Environmentally Challenging Areas Aggressive environments with high levels of

pollution or extreme temperature conditions can be protected reliably

with acceptable maintenance levels:


Cold Stores

Production areas

Paper mills

Underground tunnels


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