ADR-805A ― ООО Системы

The ADR-805 interfaces between the ADR-3000 and switches or sensors such as pressure sensors, valves, flow switches, or supervisory switches.

The module is powered by the SLC. The module's input is supervised for open circuit, alarm, and normal status. A short of the input line is considered as an alarm or activation. The end-of-line device is a 100 KΩ resistor.

The ADR-805 module should be installed no farther than 1 m from the switch.

The ADR-805 occupies a single address. The address is stored in the module’s non-volatile memory and can be programmed or verified by using the PROG-4000 Analog Addressable Detector and Accessory Programmer. Please refer to the PROG-4000Technical Manual for further information.

The ADR-805 module is supervised by the control panel and communicates with it via the SLC.

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