Addressable smoke control system


Telefire provides solutions for smoke evacuation control systems by controlling and monitoring smoke blowers, smoke shelves and opening and closing fire doors.

The company provides the solutions required for compliance with the relevant standards including panel designnig services according to the site where it is installed, making synoptic graphical display of the structure and planning an electronic design based on modular units.

Firefighters smoke control panel allows automatic operation of dumpers according to pre designed matrices, and a manually operation or silence mode by the firefighte from the Panel.

Smoke control panel consists of switches allowing a selection of working modes (Auto, On, Off), control circuitry and LEDs display giving indications of the dumpers.

Switches / command switches arecan be assinged to a single dumper or to a group of dumpers when the indicator light display will be separate for each device.

Smoke control system implementation is possible in two ways:

1. The addressable method in which the input / output modules are being installed inside the dumpers command cabinets and in the panel so that the activation and command are being installed in addressable way.

2. The conventional method in which the command to and from the dumpers being made by point to point wiring.

The integrated system consists of the ADR-3000 fire alarm system approved by the  UL, EN 54, and IS 1220 Part 2 standards and of the smoke control panel approved by the UUKL standard.

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