MS-8323 Multichannel Telemetry Receiver System


 Independent reception of 8 channels per system
 Scalable to 72 channels
 High-performance FM receivers
 High linearity
 Fully-integrated and compact solution
 Automatic hunting and tracking functions
 User-defined hunting rate
 Minimum noise introduced by tracking
 Automatic relock when transmitter lost
 High tolerance against adjacent channel interference
 Adjustable analog output for each channel
 Optional remote monitoring via LAN
 Ruggedized enclosure for mobile operations
 Extensive developer support

The MS-8323 Multichannel Telemetry Receiver System is suitable for reception, tracking and demodulating of FM radio signals of telemetry transmitters. The 8-channel system is easily scalable up to 72 simultaneous independent channels.

MS-8323 Multichannel Telemetry Receiver System

The high-performance receivers are highly tolerant to frequency drift, able to be used in telemetry applications where the transmitter frequency is prone to drifting, for example where the telemetry tramsmitters are operating under severe environmental conditions or are not crystal-controlled. The receiver hunts for the transmitter frequency within user-specified frequency range, at a predefined hunting rate. Once locked, each receiver tracks the drifting carrier over the predefined range. Using advanced low-noise DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) facility, the frequency tracking adjustments cause only a minimal disruption to the received signal, not causing more than 0.5% noise (relative to output signal level). If a transmitter is lost, the receiver will automatically commence hunting.

This system is based on a 19” rack-mounted industrial computer. The front panel features a high-contrast wide-angle display. There is a provision for connection of an external monitor, keyboard and mouse.

The unit is capable of unattended operation and, when used with the Remote Monitoring Option software, it can be operated remotely.


Well proven WiNRADiO card-based receivers are at the heart of the WiNRADiO MS-8323 system. Each card contains a high-performance FM receiver with excellent dynamic range and sensitivity, designed to operate in the harsh electromagnetic environment existing inside a computer-based system, ideally suited for simultaneous multichannel operation. Each receiver has its own demodulated audio analog output which is adjustable to a required output level.

User interface

The MS-8323 software makes it possible for the user to control each individual receiver separately and observe its operational status, as well as set the system parameters for multichannel telemetry operations.

MS-8323 Graphical User Interface


The MS-8323 Multichannel Telemetry Receiver System is shipped in a specially designed ruggedized 19" rack-mounted chassis with built-in shock absorbers, to ensure safe shipping. The unit can then be either removed from the enclosure, or operated from inside it. This is particularly useful for mobile operation.

For stationary applications, various rack-mount options are available, ranging from single-unit arrangements, to large-scale installations similar to that pictured on the right. For these, WiNRADiO provides complete turn-key solutions including antennas and antenna distribution units.

Array of WiNRADiO radio monitoring units in a large-scale installation

Technical Specifications
Type Dual-conversion Superheterodyne
Frequency range 35 - 150 MHz (frequency range can be modified upon request)
Channels per unit 8 (scalable to 72)
RF input sensitivity -90 dBm @ 12 dB SINAD
(optionally -107 dBm @ 12 dB SINAD)
Input dynamic range 90 dB min.
Spurious signal rejection 60 dB min.
Demodulation type Wide-band FM, ±50 kHz deviation
Demodulated signal bandwidth 20 Hz to 50 kHz @ -3 dB
Demodulated signal output level 2.5 V max., before clipping
Demodulated signal output sensitivity 1 Vrms for ±50 kHz nominal
Demodulated signal gain stability Less than 5% drift from 10 to 40 deg C
Demodulated signal distortion Less than 2% @ 1 Vrms
Carrier hunting rate 100 kHz/s to 1 MHz/s (user adjustable)
Demodulated signal interruption Receiver tracking does not interrupt the output signal, or cause more than 0.5% noise (relative to output)
FM response time / latency The demodulated output responds to an FM input change in less than 50 µs or less than 5% phase shift at 1 kHz
Selectivity -60 dB @ 1 MHz
Channel to channel latency difference Less than 2 µs
Spurious radiation via antenna terminal -70 dBm max.
Power Selectable 100/120 or 220/240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz, 110 W max
Operating temperature 10 to 40 deg C
Humidity 5 to 90% relative humidity (non-condensing)

Specifications are subject to change without notice due to continuous product development and improvement.

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