Addressable Fire alarm Fire-Fighter Phone & Evacuation System

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The firemen phone system, TFP-3000 is a signal communication system with Two - way  which intended to the firemen emergency powers and combined in the  fire alarm system. 

This firemen phone sytem is entered and controlled by the ADR-3000 fire alarm system and allows fire detection signal communication between telephone points installed throughout the protected site and the master control panel the TFP-3000 which is attached to the fire alarm system. 


* Modular system that allows control of up to hundreds of telephone points.

* firemen phone addressable points to control and signal separately  from every depression. 

* suitable for all Fire department services requirements, the Israel Standards Institute, and UL. 

* All lines controlled introduction of origin. 

* Phone jack TFP-806 allows connection of fire alarm button, the TPB-10R, which will be set to a separate address. 

* Problems presented by the coordinator on the fire alarm system LCD. 

* Modes of work are shown with indication LEDs on the TFP-3000 unit . 

* The System enables speech which - temporarily at least 5 points with phone control unit.

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